IMA Public Lecture
Stephen Hawking
Lucasian Professor: 1979-2009
Quantum Black Holes
Michael Green
Lucasian Professor: 2009-2013
The Pointless Universe

Public Lecture, sponsored by the 
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, was given jointly by Stephen Hawking and Michael Green at 19:00 on Tuesday 31st March.  

This was a
ticket-only event, and there was a great deal of demand for seats. Local secondary schools were given first refusal on a majority of the tickets. In addition, a limited number of tickets were released via Eventbrite at 19:00 on Thursday 5 March and Tuesday 10 March (and went in seconds in both cases). Those with tickets were asked to

turn-up at least 20 minutes early,

since tickets were checked at the door (and there were a lot of people and there was a relatively small entrance).

Live Streaming. Our hope had been to stream the lecture live, however this was not possible for copyright reasons.

Thank you for your interest.