Mini-Symposia and Workshops

LMS "Scheme 3" Mini-Symposia and Workshops. Sponsored and arranged through the LMS.

Title Organizer[s] Email Contact[s]
Algebraic Geometry Gregory Sankaran
Geometry Joel Fine
Jason Lotay
Inverse Problems Carola Schoenlieb
Number Theory Fred Diamond
Yiannis Petridis
Representation Theory Stuart Martin
Nicole Snashall

BMC Mini-Symposia and Workshops.

Title Organizer[s] Email Contact[s]
 Analysis of Non-linear PDEs Neshan Wickramsekera
Category Theory Julia Goedecke
Combinatorics Andrew Thomason
History of Mathematics June Barrow-Green
Probability Christina Goldschmidt
James Martin

Quantum Information Toby Cubitt
Berry Groisman

BAMC Mini-Symposia and Workshops. Potential contributors were asked to contact the organizers listed below if they were interested in participating.

Title Organizer[s] Email Contact[s]
Vortex Dynamics and Topological Fluid Dynamics: a Mini-Symposium in Honour of the  80th Birthday of Professor Keith Moffatt Andrew Gilbert
Koji Ohkitani
Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Darren Crowdy
Mathematics of Information Anders Hansen
Mathematics, Climate and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Bin Cheng
Beth Wingate 
Piecewise Smooth Systems
Martin Homer
John Hogan
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Melina Freitag
Jared Tanner