Some of the conference-wide Plenary Lectures were streamed live (the archives can be accessed by clicking on the titles):

Programme Available On-line

The programme of the meeting is available on-line at including, in PDF form (with clickable links):
  • The Conference Booklet; a hard-copy of this booklet was handed out at registration.
  • The Booklet of Abstracts. We asked delegates to use the on-line version (either the standard version or the small-devices version); please note the "Table of Contents" and "Index" active links at the bottom of each page. A few versions of this booklet were available at the conference desk in the CMS.
  • An Addendum to the above material.
    In addition, the following pages (extracted from the above documents) are available as web pages:
    All timetabled talks included at least 2 minutes of questions and 1 minute changeover between speakers. For example, a 20-minute slot provided time for a 17-minute presentation at maximum. Session chairs were asked to stick rigidly to the timetable to allow delegates to switch between talks in different rooms.

    Plenary and Sectional Lectures

    Mini-Symposia and Workshops
    For a list see the separate Mini-Symposia and Workshops page.
    Contributed Talks and Posters

    As usual, there were contributory speaker-sessions on the BAMC side of the conference, and contributory poster-sessions on both sides of the conference. The deadline for abstract submission (previously available at was 7th February 2015.

    Other Events

    Public Lecture
    Public Lecture, sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, was given jointly by Stephen Hawking and Michael Green at 7pm on Tuesday 31st March. Admission was by ticket-only; please see the Public Lecture page for more details.

    150th Anniversary of the LMS
    The programme on Wednesday 1st April took the form of a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the LMS. There was a LMS Reception in the early evening.

    Conference Dinner
    On Wednesday 1st April there was a Conference Dinner at Churchill College, with an after-dinner speech by Philip Nelson, Chief Executive of EPSRC.

    Cambridge University Press Receptions
    There was an Opening Reception at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences and a Women-in-Mathematics Reception at the CUP bookshop, both sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

    Special Events
    There was:
    • A special session on The Future of Proof, sponsored by The Social Machine of Mathematics, with Ursula Martin (Oxford), June Barrow-Green (Open), Tim Gowers (Cambridge), Andrew Pitts (Cambridge), and David Tranah (Cambridge University Press).
    Student Prizes
    There were:
    • An IMA Lighthill-Thwaites Prize Mini-Symposium, when each short-listed candidate for the IMA Lighthill-Thwaites Prize will present a paper.
    • Students Prizes, sponsored by SIAM, for the best contributed talks and posters by students.
    Stands and Exhibitions
    There were stands and/or exhibitions by:
    • Oxford University Press, including the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
    • Cambridge University Press
    • Springer
    • Taylor & Francis
    • Heffers - Blackwells
    • The American Mathematical Society: Bookstore
    • MathWorks
    • GCHQ
    • The London Mathematical Society
    • The Institute of Mathematics & its Applications