The 4th Joint British Mathematical Colloquium

British Applied Mathematics Colloquium


30th March - 2nd April 2015, Cambridge

Conference Photos
  • Conference photos are available here and here.

The prize winners were:

IMA Lighthill-Thwaites
  • John Craske (Imperial) for "A robust mathematical model for unsteady turbulent jets: development and analysis".


  • Rosanna Cretney (Open University) for "J.H. Lambert on the mathematics of map-making".
  • Jack Shotton (Imperial) for "Local Galois deformation rings when l≠p".


  • Jennifer Jones (Bath) for "Modelling the formation of a buprenorphine reservoir in the stratum corneum".
  • Lyndon Koens (Cambridge) for "Slender ribbon theory".
  • Oliver Southwick (UCL) for "A point-vortex model for the formation of ocean eddies by flow separation".


  • Radu Cimpeanu (Imperial) for "How to make a splash: droplet impact and liquid film applications in aerodynamics".

A Meeting For All Mathematicians

A Joint Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC) and the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) was held at the University of Cambridge from 11:00 on Monday 30th March 2015 to 13:00 on Thursday 2nd April 2015. This was the 4th Joint Meeting following Warwick (2002), Liverpool (2005) and Edinburgh (2010).
Programme Available On-line
The programme of the meeting is available on-line at including, in PDF form (with clickable links):
  • The Conference Booklet; a hard-copy of this booklet was handed out at registration.
  • The Booklet of Abstracts. We hope that delegates will use the on-line version (either the standard version or the small-devices version); please note the "Table of Contents" and "Index" active links at the bottom of each page. A few versions of this booklet are available at the conference desk in the CMS.
  • An Addendum to the above material.
In addition, the following pages (extracted from the above documents) are available as web pages:
All timetabled talks included at least 2 minutes of questions and 1 minute changeover between speakers. For example, a 20-minute slot provided time for a 17-minute presentation at maximum. Session chairs were asked to stick rigidly to the timetable to allow delegates to switch between talks in different rooms.

Registration, Payment and Abstract Submission

After extremely high demand, registration sold out. Abstract submission closed on 7th February 2015.

LMS Celebration

There was a celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the LMS on 1st April 2015. The Conference Dinner was held on the evening of the same day.

Plenary Speakers

Robert Calderbank Yves Couder Jacques Dumais
Phil Hall
Peter Kronheimer
 Stanley Osher
 Sylvia Serfaty  Wendelin Werner  Andrew Wiles
 Public Lecture

A Public Lecture, sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, was given jointly by Stephen Hawking and Michael Green at 19:00 on Tuesday 31st March. Please see the Public Lecture page for more details.

Sectional Speakers

Arend Bayer Tim Browning Mirna Dzamonja
Adrian Constantin Yaroslav Kurylev  Brita Nucinkis
Neil O'Connell Oliver Riordan Dmitriy Rumynin
Richard Thomas Ye Tian Ulrike Tillmann

Mini-Symposia and Workshops (see the Mini-Symposia and Workshops page for more details)

Title Organizer[s]
Algebraic Geometry Gregory Sankaran
 Analysis of Non-linear PDEs Neshan Wickramsekera
Applied & Computational Complex Analysis Darren Crowdy
Category Theory Julia Goedecke
Combinatorics Andrew Thomason
Geometry Joel Fine & Jason Lotay
History of Mathematics June Barrow-Green
Inverse Problems Carola Schoenlieb
Mathematics, Climate & Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Bin Cheng & Beth Wingate
Mathematics of Information Anders Hansen
Piecewise Smooth Systems
Martin Homer & John Hogan
Number Theory Fred Diamond & Yiannis Petridis
Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing Melina Freitag & Jared Tanner
Probability Christina Goldschmidt & James Martin
Quantum Information Toby Cubitt & Berry Groisman
Representation Theory Stuart Martin & Nicole Snashall
Vortex Dynamics & Topological Fluid Dynamics Andrew Gilbert & Koji Ohkitani