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Server software

  • In general, these will be listed in order of preference
  • Open-source unless otherwise noted

  • WordPress
    • Blogging software that can also act as a full-blown CMS

  • Ghost
    • Simple and lightweight blog server (doesn't include search by default, for example)

Chat/instant messaging server

CMS (content management system)
  • WordPress
    • The most popular CMS
    • Also a blogging platform

  • Kotti
    • Written in Python
    • Based on Pyramid framework

Code hosting/repository management/issue tracking

Configuration management
  • SaltStack
    • Written in Python
    • Improvements over Puppet:
      • Maintains constant client connections so changes are immediate
      • More integrated and easier to configure orchestration than Puppet's MCollective
      • Handles SSL keys better than Puppet
      • The community version of SaltStack has the same features as the enterprise version
      • Uses YAML, which is arguably easier to write than Puppet DSL

Directory server


File storage/collaboration
Question and answer (like stackexchange.com)
  • Askbot
    • Written in Python, on Django web framework
    • Similar origins as OSQA

  • OSQA
    • Written in Python, on Django web framework

System monitoring
  • Shinken
    • Compatible with Nagios
    • Completely redesigned to be more powerful, efficient, flexible than Nagios

  • Icinga
    • Compatible with Nagios
    • Rewrite of Nagios with updated web interface, more database connectors, and REST API

  • MediaWiki
    • The best free wiki software available

  • Confluence
    • The best commercial wiki software available
    • Free for open-source, nonprofits, and classroom use