Bookmooch Angel Network Information

The List of Angels

30 Countries Represented!

Please read the following before requesting an Angel's services:

To request the services of an Angel, find the country that the book you want is located in, then choose an Angel.

Clicking on his/her name will bring you to the page to send them a BookMooch email, where you can send the Angel an email including the following information:

  • Your BookMooch Name and Userid
  • The title of the book you'd like them to mooch
  • A link to the book on BookMooch

Clicking on their "BM id" (BookMooch ID) will take you to their BIO page on BookMooch. It's recommended that you read their BIO in addition to their conditions here.

PLEASE NOTE about the conditions:

  • The conditions are requirements that each Angel has set out in order for them to be an Angel for you. ***Please respect their wishes ***.
  • For the requirement of "2 book minimum", this means that the Angel requires that you either have them mooch 2 books for you within their country, or you can mooch the 2nd book directly from the Angel's inventory.
  • Unless otherwise stated, it should be understood that books mooched through the Angel Network would not be included in any deals (such as 2-for-1 books) the Angel may be running at any given time.
  • It should also be understood that books mooched through the Angel Network will most likely be sent by the most economic method possible, unless they are very light books. If you have concerns about time to receive your book, please inquire with your chosen Angel before mooching.

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