Email Service - setup example

Once a center's campaigns are setup and automated, we send them a confirmation message with the good news that their customer email follow-up has been solved. 

Take a look below at an actual "campaign setup complete" message to get an idea of the thrill and relief a center experiences when they are told their automated Email Service is up and running and promoting their center  24 / 7 / 365  without center staff lifting a finger.

From: BMA Marketing 
To: 'John'
Subject: BMA Email Service - setup status

BMA Marketing

John Fazio
Emerson Lanes

RE: BMA Email Service - setup status

John all of your campaigns have been customized and are now going out.


Please let your staff know that each of these campaign messages include a link to a certificate that can be printed and redeemed in your center. The list below identifies the offer associated with each campaign. Here's a certificate sample...


Certificate offers 1 free game per family member (shoes not included)...
- Welcome Email (sent immediately when new member joinemail club)

Certificate offers 10% party discount...
Birthday Club 8 weeks out
Birthday Club 6 weeks out
- Birthday Club 2 weeks out

Certificate offers 2 free games and shoes for the birthday star...
- Half Birthday
- Birthday
- Spouse's Half-Birthday
- Spouse's Birthday
- Child's Birthday

Certificate offers 10% party discount...
- Birthday 4 Weeks Prior
- Spouse's Birthday 4 Weeks Prior

Certificate offers 1 free game and shoes for the couple...
- Wedding Anniversary


Unless otherwise noted, certificate offers 1 free game per family member (shoes not included)...

- Back to School
- Good Grades #1
- Good Grades #2
- Take a Night Off
- Game Day
- Valentine's Day (3 Weeks Prior - no offer)
- Valentine's Day (1 Week Prior)
- Mother's Day (1st of Month - no offer)
- Mother's Day (5 Days Prior)
- Father's Day (1st of Month - no offer)
- Father's Day (1 Week Prior)
- Halloween
- New Year
- Spring
- Summer
- Thanksgiving
- Happy Holidays


You will get a proof 10 days before each scheduled campaign is sent to remind you they are going out and to give you a chance to make changes if needed. I don't expect that you will want or need to make changes, but the proof puts you in control to make changes.

The good news is that if you do nothing, your marketing will still go out. That's the point of this service...your customer follow-up marketing will go out, without fail, even when you are too busy to think about it.


On-demand campaigns are included (2 per month). Since automated campaigns are going out, I suggest limiting your on-demand campaigns to one or two per month to avoid burning out your list. A monthly newsletter style message is a great way to cover a lot of topics in one message.

Here are 3 easy steps to get your on-demand email marketing out the door...

1. Get your content idea bullets written down and organized.

2. Submit your on-demand email marketing request to your Marketing Coordinator by filling out the request form that is hosted online here... 
www.<private>.com ...or call your Marketing Coordinator and give them the basic details.

3. When 
your Marketing Coordinator has a proof ready for you, they will email it to you and ask for your approval or for any changes if needed. Let them know if you need changes and approve it when it's good to go.


Since your marketing is automatic, it is not required that you log into the Marketing Manager web app.

I think you should login and look around once per month. There is a reporting dashboard  that shows your list size and growth and there are great "open and click" reports that show the response to your campaigns.

If you like using online tools and want to review your customer list, campaigns and view your email reports (
SEND / OPEN / CLICK), here's your login info...

URL... <private>

password... <private>

Note - when you are in the CAMPAIGN MANAGER section, it's critical that you do NOT click any red or green campaign buttons without training
. The buttons turn campaigns on and off. You won't get a warning. The buttons make the change immediately.


Please encourage your team to capture email addresses for every customer. It's the most effective way for your to stay in touch with your customers to increase visits and revenue, automatically.

ou can invite your customers to enroll themselves into your Email Club using this link...

...or this short version... ....These links should be used ASAP on your web site to allow visitors to directly enroll themselves into your Email Club. Let me know if you need help getting the links on your web site.

Congratulations again on solving your customer follow-up and email marketing needs!

Thanks and talk soon,
Chris    800-603-3985  Ext 42
Chris Swanson    BMA Marketing    Wolcott CT    RREM_PRD_ALL_RDY


Birthday wish message to adult...

Birthday wish message to child... 

Birthday reminder message sent to parent (this is the 8 week message)... 

One of 25  "scheduled" messages sent throughout the year...