Scouts wild about giant game of hide and seek!

Post date: Oct 16, 2012 11:59:11 AM

Over 380 scouts from across Northumberland flooded to the countryside on Saturday 13th October for a huge scouting event. The scouts took part in ‘Operation Twilight’, which is a enormous escape and evasion exercise, becoming more popular with numbers growing each year. This year’s event was the biggest yet, with more young people wanting to join in the adventure.

The event, which was first started back in 2009 by Blyth Valley District, is essentially a big game of Hide and Seek spread across a 15 mile radius. The 78 teams made up of young people from across the region met at Stamfordham Village Hall to have a safety briefing and a Kit Check. The teams then hopped onboard one of 6 busses and were dropped off at secret location, given a grid reference so they knew where they were and then had to hike their way back to the muster point at Stamfordham, near Maften.

On average each team will had a gruelling 13 mile hike back to the muster point, in which they used advanced navigational skills and teamwork to complete the trek. If that wasn’t enough, a number of volunteer leaders and parents were released an hour later, not only to act as safety marshals but also as catching teams, with the aim to catch the teams and take a life off them. The teams of young people then had to be back at the Muster Point by 8.30pm, where the team that made it back to muster point with the least lives lost was crowned the winner.

Paul Capstick, the event organiser said ‘Twilight is a fantastic opportunity for our Scouts to get active in the countryside and have a thoroughly enjoyable day out. The thrill of running away from the catchers and the sense of achievement when completing the challenge is something the young people will remember for many years’ Scout Teams from 2nd Seaton Delaval, 8th Blyth, 3rd & 5th Cramlington, 2nd Cramlington, 10th Blyth and 4th Cramlington took part in the event, alongside 4 teams from our Explorer Unit. Well done to everyone who took part and completed the Twilight Adventure. We also had many members of our Scout Active Support Unit and District Helpers ensuring the event ran smoothly.Many of the 120+ dedicated adult volunteers who are giving up their time to make this event possible were Scouts in their youth and still share the same passion and commitment for Scouting and its core values as they did when they were young people.

To see photos and the highlights video, find out more about the event and of course see the all important results head over to the Operation Twilight website at