Instruments , Music , Chromebooks

I recommend that you purchase your instrument from a local reputable dealer.  Please do not settle for the cheapest thing that looks like an instrument on the internet or from a non-music specific store.  Cheap instruments are just that, cheap.  Your frustration with an inadequate instrument will be a detriment to your enjoyment and improvement in orchestra.  
  • Repairs: Please check with me FIRST before you take your instrument to the shop; there are many things that I can take care of in class and you will not need to lose time with your instrument.  Ex. changing/buying new strings, resetting a bridge, tightening chin rests.  
  • If the store is needed for a repair, ask if they have instruments to loan so you do not miss practice time.
  • Students must have a quality instrument in good playing condition on the first day of rehearsal.   Those without a violin or viola in proper playing condition within the first 5 days of class will be removed from orchestra. This includes violin/viola, bow, shoulder rest, rosin, and good strings. Students are required to bring all of materials to class every day. 
  • BHS does not own Violins or Violas for student use.  This may be different from the school you recently attended. 

  • School Instrument Use Agreement Form due the first Friday of the school year.  (Contrato Espanol Instrumento)
  • $40 per year for the use of a school owned cello or bass due by the end of the 1st 9 weeks. 
    • These cellos and basses do not leave the classroom and are used for class practice only. Students should have a second cello/bass at home for practice and to use for combined concerts.  


MUSIC is supplied in folders for classroom use only.  Folders do not leave the classroom and music stays with each numerically designated corresponding folder.  Each folder will contain music for all three orchestras.  Do not make any marks on the music unless specifically told to do so by me!  When told to mark something, you must only use pencil!

SCALES: You may print them on your own or view online.
VIOLIN         VIOLA         CELLO         BASS
Scales practice recordings:  static octaves and drones for pitch reference and comparison. 
(CAPITAL is MAJOR ; lower case is minor)
2 Octave - C    a    G    e    D    b    A    E    F    d    Bb    g    Eb    c    Ab    f    Db
3 Octave - C    a    G    e    D    b    A    E    F    d    Bb    g    Eb    c    Ab    f    Db

Chrome Books and Ear Buds/Ear Phones

Students are required to bring Chrome Books each day to class fully charged.  Students also need earbuds/phones. All school rules regarding appropriate usage apply.  Chrome Books are required daily equipment and are reflected in the weekly grade. 
Music Technology Resources: also found on the Cordé-ly agenda