Letter of recommendation from Mr. Cordé 

BHS Orchestra students desire and ability to join organizations outside of the BHSO and/or continue music study after high school in college.   This speaks very highly about the quality of our students in the BHSO program. 
In each case, the organization most often requires a recommendation from a teacher.   
If you would like me to submit a recommendation for you, I am happy to oblige so long as you afford me the courtesy of ample time and follow my guidelines.   
Read the following information thoroughly.

FIRST, consider before asking:
  • Please make certain that I am the person that you want writing about you.   
    • I will be completely honest about your skills, behavior, and participation in BHSO.
    • If the recommendation is for something not music related, can I properly answer questions or write about you? 
  • Be sure you are ASKING for my recommendation, not demanding or expecting.
RULES for submitting your request:
    • Recommendations requiring only check-marks or a numerical response
      • Provide me the paper at least 48 hours before it is due.
    • Recommendations requiring a written response from me
      • Email me your request outside of school hours.
      • Send your email request at least t least 96 hours before it is due
      • Provide the following information: 
        • When is it due? 
        • What is it for? 
        • Who do I address it to? 
    Requests for recommendations that are not within the above timelines and guidelines will not be honored.   
    Please plan accordingly.