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Rising Freshman-BHS "how to"

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2015/2016 Calendar
* all BHSO             ! specific group
  • Parents click HERE to report schedule conflicts
      *    Wednesday, February 24
              2nd Hoody Order due, click here

      !    Fri-Sun, Feb 26-28
              All State Orchestra Dorman HS

      *    Thursday, March 3, BHS auditorium
              Pre-SPA Concert , 6:30

      *    Fri. March 18
              State Performance Assessment
              Keenan High School , MAP
                  Check your emails for details
                  9th Grade, arrive at 5:00 pm
                  Concert, arrive at 6:00 pm
                  Chamber TRAVEL FORM

      !    March 21, Westwood HS
               Chamber Auditions for R2HS District Orchestra
                TIMES HERE

      !    March 22, April 4, 5, 7, 8
              R2 HS District Orchestraat Westwood High School, travel form

      !    April 26 , 6:00
              Land/Knott Studio Recital
               Rehearsal between 4 and 5:30 in the auditorium

      !    Fri-Sat May 6-7 (where do you find info about S/E on this website?)
      • Solo/Ensemble, Longleaf Middle School
      *    May 24
              Spring Concert , 6:30 , Gymnasium

      Looking Back on 2015 2016
      Check with students Sept 1 as to who MAY be interested in National Honor Society!

      *    Wednesday, Aug. 19 2015
      • First Day of school!  Welcome back
      • Special NOTE: Freshmen violins/violas, if you used a school owned instrument in middle school, please procure a violin or viola from a store this summer.  BHS does not have violins or violas to rent or borrow.  
      • Prepare for 1st semester seating audition
      • Prepare for Region Auditions
      • Freshmen Region $5 is due Friday, August 21, this week!
      !    Friday, August 28
            School Cello/Bass Rental Form and $40 rental due

      !    Sunday, September 13  SCPYO Auditions
      • I highly encourage you to consider auditioning for the SCPYO. Click HERE to contact Judy Lawrence for audition information!  Her info is there at the bottom of the page.
      !    Fri&Sat, Sept. 25 and 26
                Cello Choir at USC

      !    Wednesday, Sept. 30
              EARLY Region Orchestra Audition
                  Ashlyn, Julie, Destiny
              Irmo High School, arrive by 5:45
      !    Saturday, Oct. 3
              Region Orchestra Audition TIMES EMAILED
              Crossroads Middle School , map

      *    Thursday, Oct. 29
              BHS Fall Concert, 6:30 pm
              Concert Attire (optional Halloween accessory)

      !    Fri&Sat, Nov. 20&21
      • Region Orchestra Clinic , INFORMATION ... boi!!!
      • Irmo High School , map
      • Bus to Irmo HS Friday only, provide your own transportation home Friday and all day Saturday.
      !    Sunday, November 29
      • Town of Blythewood Christmas Tree Lighting
      • Town Hall, Langford Rd near Doko Park!
      • Short rehearsal at BHS, 3:00 to 4:00
      • Carry stands and stuff to Town hall after
      • arrive at 4:30 done at 6:30
      • Attire is Yuletide Casual 
      • SIGN UP TO PLAY HERE  ,  Chamber Orchestra
      !    Friday, December 11 
      • Holiday Wishes Assembly during school
      • report to Gym at 8:35 am
      • Attire is Yuletide Casual (school dress code with yuletide accessory)
      !    Saturday, January 9
              All State Orchestra Auditions, check email for times
              Lexington High School , map

      *    Sunday, January 24
      • Omega Psi Phi Talent Competition
      • application
      • See Lt. Col. White for further details

      !    Thursday, January 28
              Sophomore Chamber Students
              4:00 to 5:00 dress rehearsal
              6:30 concert BHS Auditorium

      saved TBA
      *   1516 BHSO T-Shirts, $10 per shirt.
          Bring money to class, fill out form online