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 Lectures Weeks 1-3
 Lectures Weeks 4-6
 Lectures Weeks 7-11
 Project 1

Tennis Serve
 Project 2

Martial Arts Virtual vs. Real Boxing
 Project 3

Depth Perception Virtual Display and Reaching
 Project 4
Unintended Movement Timing in Music

 Project 5

Habit Learning and Memory
 Project 6

Reinforcement Learning in Autism

Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science (IMPS)
meets on Thursdays Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 to continue with the 6 projects.

16:714:521:01.  Index  35830

This will be a hands-on course on human movement
and movement coordination
in real-world 3D situations.
It will cover the basics of movement kinematics,
graphing of three dimensional movement data using Matlab,
aspects of the rotation group used to parameterize
angular rotations of the multiple joints of the body,
and movement coordination patterns.

The class will alternate lectures with sessions of
actual data recordings and analysis to address some
experimental hypothesis about movement control
in some experimental context to be determined by the class.

Everything will be learned and implemented in class,
including various statistical analysis of multivariate data.
The aim is to write a paper and culminate the class with the
submission of a manuscript reporting the methods and
results from the class for each of the proposed projects.

Elizabeth Torres,
Jan 14, 2012, 6:35 PM