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Jillian Nguyen had her paper accepted in JoVE the first shot at it!

"Methods to Explore the Influence of Top-Down Visual Processes on Motor Behavior"

All reviewers unanimously think that her new methodology has great advantages over traditional approaches

Congratulations Jill!!!


(Rosalind Franklin's B-Day, The First Woman Who Helped Break the DNA Code for Real, An inspiration to all of us Women in Science)

Media Coverage on our Papers on Autism

TIME: Using Movement to Diagnose and Treat Autism

Fox News: Novel screening technique uses movement to diagnose and treat autism

USA TODAY: Autism study indicates new approach to treat condition

Yahoo: Using Movement to Diagnose and Treat Autism

Indy Star: Autism study: IU professor helps develop new approach to treat, diagnose condition

Medical Daily: New Autism Treatment And Screening May Focus On Natural Behaviors, Instead Of Teaching New Ones [VIDEO]

Rutgers Today: Rutgers Sensory and Motion Studies Show Promise for Increasing Autonomy in Children with Autism

Science Daily: Novel Technology Seen As New, More Accurate Way to Diagnose and Treat Autism

Terra: Desarrollan en EE.UU. un método para la detección precoz del autismo

MSN Latino: Dos latinos desarrollan método para la detección precoz de autismo

Informador: Latinos crean método para detección precoz de autismo

Espectador: Desarrollan método para la detección precoz del autismo

News Medical: New quantitative screening method for diagnosing and longitudinal tracking of autism in children

News Wire: Novel Technology Seen as New, More Accurate Way to Diagnose and Treat Autism

Science Codex: A Novel Screening Method Makes it Easier to Diagnose and Treat Children with Autism

Inside U San Diego: USD Researcher celebrates breakthrough in Autism Research

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Links to Studies

Give spontaneity and self-discovery a chance in ASD: spontaneous peripheral limb variability as a proxy to evoke centrally driven intentional acts

Autism: the micro-movement perspective

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Our first paper on gender differences in Autism got published in the

Journal of Neurophysiology

This was a collaborative effort with Indiana University

Our co-authors are:

Robert W Isenhower III (excellent job with the kids, we could not have done it without you)

Polina Yanovich (awesome interface for analyses, this would have taken forever without you)

Gwen Rehrig (great help with the experiments in the lab and the coordination)

Senior People from Indiana University included

Jorge V Jose (Theoretical Physics and Computational Neuroscience)

John Nurnberger Jr. (Psychiatry - Genetics)

Kimberly Stigler (Psychiatry - Clinical)

Our paper with the data from got accepted in

Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience

Now we can use the accelerometers built in mobile phones to track the activities of daily living of patients with Parkinson's disease and identify severity in real time and longitudinally

Liz gave a talk at Brown University, at the Cognitive, Linguistics and Psychological Science Department

Graciously hosted by Joo-Hyun Song

The place rocks! Awesome people and Great Research

Jillian Nguyen gave an excellent presentation at the Vision Science Society

May 13, 2013 at Naples, Fla.

Awesome Jill!

Our paper on Parkinson's Disease got accepted in

PLoS One

Polina Yanovich is the leading author

Kudos Polina and a great sailing trip!

We published a paper in Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, Torres et al. 2013.

This was part of Torres post-doctoral work with Richard Andersen at CALTECH.

Our first paper on Autism Spectrum disorders got published in Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience

Our Patent Pending: Rutgers Technology # 2012-051 and 2012-085

Novel Diagnostic Tool to Quantify Signatures of Movement in Subjects with Neurological Disorders, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Rutgers Media Covered Our Work