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Elizabeth B Torres

SFN 2017

Dynamic Diagnostics and Outcome Measures for Computational Psychiatry

Caroline P. Whyatt,  Audrey Mars, Brenda Patel, Richa Ria Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, Lucy J.Miller, Sarah A. Scohen, Elizabeth B. Torres

SFN 2017

Bridging the gap: An analytical framework for the dynamic diagnosis and longitudinal tracking of disorder symptomatology, and intervention outcomes. 

Vilelmini Kalampratsiduo, Sejal Mistry, Alexander Kolevzon, Elizabeth B Torres

SFN 2017

Personalized characterization of longitudinal changes towards typical signatures of gait control in SHANK3 IGF1-clinical trial

Joe Vero, Beth Smith, Elizabeth B Torres


SFN 2017

Neonatal biomarker of healthy growth, neuromotor control and motor coordination


Carla Caballero, Sejal Mistry, Caroline P. Whyatt, Elizabeth B Torres


SFN 2017

Reassessing the autistic phenotype using Big-Data from the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange repository

Jihye Ryu, Elizabeth B Torres


SFN 2017
Individualized Stochastic Characterization of Dynamically Coupled Brain-Body Biorhythms in ASD vs Controls 


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