Prof. Elizabeth B Torres

 Elizabeth leads the Sensory-Motor Integration lab at the Psychology Department of the Busch Campus, Rutgers University. She joined Rutgers in the Fall of 2008 and has been since then developing a research program that aims at understanding how movement disorders can be revealing of mental illnesses in general.

She started out in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Havana, Cuba, then finished with honors at San Jose State University in CA, where she was a MARC scholar. From there on she spent a year at the National Institute on Aging, at the NIH under a Pre-IRTA award and decided to do brain-related research. She joined the Cognitive Science program at UCSD with an NIH fellowship and learned from Prof. David Zipser (now at the Redwood Institute and UC Berkeley); she then went on to CALTECH to learn from Richard Andersen funded as a Sloan-Swartz Fellow, as a Della Martin Fellow and as a Neuroscience Scholar before joining Rutgers University. She is also part of the Center for Biomedical Imaging and Modeling from the Computer Science Department and of the Rutgers Cognitive Science Center.

She enjoys swimming in her free time since the ocean is her favorite thing in the world, going to the theater and the movies, and reading a lot. She likes to explore little local markets (Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Jewish among others) because it's like traveling abroad in any given weekend. Her favorite pastime is traveling the world for real and meeting interesting people along the way. Her current passion is Autism Spectrum Disorders. She wants to know what causes it and what can be done about it.