Welcome to our Sensory Motor Integration Lab Website

We study how people move in connection to how they think.

We use the signals from the Peripheral Nervous Systems to Understand the Central Nervous System

All motions, intended, spontaneous, automatic and autonomic, are inherently variable. We study the signatures of such variability, as they provide a proxy of our mental spaces, our decisions and intentions.

Over the years we have modeled complex behaviors and designed digital biomarkers of nervous systems disorders to enable automatic and non-invasive tracking of treatments outcomes. We combine research, technology and clinical criteria to develop and deploy interactive and co-adaptive interfaces that enable functional autonomy and a sense of self-agency. Our work offers new objective metrics of quality of life.

The main goal of our lab is to understand sensory-motor processes in order to design sensory-motor driven therapies that help the brain heal itself.

Augmenting Clinical Observational Criteria with Digital Data

Rethinking Autism as Lifelong Condition

Reframing Behavioral Sciences