Blu Ray Copier | Blu Ray Cloner

Leawo Blu Ray Copy

Leawo Blu-Ray Copy is the ideal solution for movie lovers who want to protect their investments against damage caused by scratches or frequent use. This blu ray copier focuses on 1:1 disc copying be it blu ray or DVD. So with this software you can easily copy blu ray movies to DVD. Using this software you can get a complete duplication without harming the original quality. Before copying it removes the protection of blu ray discs allowing you to copy the movie to your hard drive or to another disc. This blu ray cloner is all that you need; no other software is needed. You can burn the copied movie onto another disc, extract and save the iso image to your hard drive or you can duplicate the whole content and save it as a folder on your hard drive.


  • Copy Blu Ray ad DVD movies without any loss in quality.
  • Get rid of blu ray disc protection for more freedom.
  • Backup blu ray and DVD movies to another empty disc or your hard drive.
  • Directly burn Blu-ray and DVD movies without other burning software.
  • Very easy to use. With its easy-to-use interface, even a novice can copy a movie in just a couple of clicks.

AinSoft Blu-Ray Copy

This convenient and simple blu ray cloner can help users copy Blu-ray movies to empty Blu-ray discs or to their hard drive. This software makes a 1:1 copy of the blu ray disc that means that along with the main movie all bonus material is also copied and saved. The software is capable of removing the protection from blu ray movie discs thus giving you complete freedom. After the protection has been removed the software is capable of burning the movie onto another disc or to save it to the hard drive either as a folder or in .iso form.


  • Supports 1:1 disc-to-disc burning with excellent speed.
  • Backup the entire content of the disc without any loss in quality.
  • Automatic shutdown option available to shutdown PC after copying has finished.
  • Supports all popular Blu-ray burners such as SONY, Samsung etc.