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Below you will find this short description:

  • I share lots of interesting information through EzineArticles
  • I'm an avid blogger
  • I work with translation, social media, proof reading and text writing
  • You can find online updates at the following locations - with links

I hope this overview gives you a good impression of some of my activities. If you're ever in doubt about anything, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

I'm Politically Active

Whether nationally or internationally, all forms of politics is something I blog about.

An Avid Blogger

I blog about many subjects in both Danish and English

Danish Blogs

Min politiske blog- English Title: My Political Blog

Genfind kontrollen med din økonomi- English title: Recapture Control of Your Economy

Vores private blog - English Title: Our Private Blog

Tjen penge i din fritid- English Title: Earn Money In Your Spare Time

Ugens Vitser - English Title: Weekly Jokes

Shop & Spar - English Title: Shop & Save

Hellere Rund og Glad - English Title: Better Round & Happy

English Blogs

Health and Fit Guru - a blog on becoming fit and staying healthy

France - Travelling to France

Become Financially Free Again

Henrik Blunck Loves Apple Macs

Earning Money Online

World Politics 101

How To Sum Up Myself In a Few Words

As you can see, I'm an active person, devoted to writing about many subjects, helping a lot of people, I hope. My ex-wife and I have three kids: Natacha, Patrick and Christopher. They currently live with their mother in a nearby city, close to Kalundborg

What Assignments Do I Undertake?

I work in various fields of business:

  • I translate texts between English, French and Danish (both online and printed materials).
  • I write articles for online websites who need SEO-optimized material for their blogs or thematic sites. Subjects range from weight loss to online income, financial matters, book-keeping, human resource, religion etc. [No matter which subject, you're always welcome to ask for your specific niche needs]
  • I advise people on social media, politics and book-keeping.

For price information you're more than welcome to send me an e-mail.

Online updates are available from these locations:

Twitter in English:

Twitter in Danish:


See my videos on Youtube here: