The Anti Worry Pill...
Why is worrying a Sin ?? And why is it a good thing that it's a sin ?
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There's only one cure for worry.

To some people it might seem like a bitter pill,

but it's a cure.

Believe in Jesus, that He is God almighty that created you and the universe, and that He controls every hair that grows on your head, and you have the answer to your worry.

And this is the truth. The Bible is true. I've been investigating the facts behind the Bible for 30 years, and it IS TRUE. Ask the world famous astronomer, David Block. Find out which book is the oldest in the world - the Bible. There is less proof that Alexander the great existed than that Jesus exisited.

If Jesus controls the universe, and He loves you as the true Bible says, then what is there to worry about? You are safe in His hands.

Relax. You are safe.




Worry is a sin against God because it's a lack of trust in Him.

It's a good thing that it's a sin, because it makes us question who God is, and what His capabilities are, and we come to the conclusion that He is all powerful, that NOTHING, NOTHING is impossible for Him. He moves outside of time, outside of our dimension, in realms and things that our minds have not even been designed to understand. The quark, the neutrino, quantum theories -  are no mystery to Him.