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If God can love ME, He can love ANYBODY!!

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I was born in Durban, on the Bluff. My Mom and Dad went to Church regularly and I kinda had to go along, but I didn't really enjoy it. My folks were involved in everything going - finance committee, elders, management board, Bible Studies, womens fellowship, the works. I got cheesed off when the house would fill up with all these freaky Church people.

My Dad had no legs - he lost them in a landmine explosion during the war, in Italy, yet he spent his life helping people; making ramps for people in wheelchairs, giving crippled people lifts to functions (yeah, he drove a specially adapted Ford Cortina), accomodating people who had nowhere to stay, etc. He did a bit of body surfing too. So I respected my Dad, and looked up to him, but I was still a rebel when it came to his church involvement. My folks insisted that I came to church with them, and went to Sunday School, but when I got to the end of Sunday School, they allowed me to choose whether to join the church or not, and then I was outta there! I went to do defence force training for three years. During that time the other guys in my unit asked me to please cool my swearing a bit - it was bothering them. After that I came back to Durban. I stayed at home with my folks and started to study electronics by correspondance. I had no friends cause I considered most other guys dorks. Every day I went body surfing, no boogieboard, just flippers - summer, winter, sunny, raining, stormy, whatever.


Then my Mom told me that she was very worried about some teenage girls. There was a table tennis club that was running on a Friday night at the church, and she was worried that rough guys would come in off the street and attack these girls that were there alone. Wouldn't I like to go along just to make sure that they were alright? Of course I said I could maybe manage to do that. So I went along, and the girls (and funny, there were a few guys there as well!?#?) were very friendly, and pretty, and before long I was really into the group. The girls invited me to come to church, so I went with them, and listened to the pastor, who was a guy called Gus Hunter, who was an incredibly down to earth, genuine nice guy, and he explained the Bible so well, and so simply, that for the first time things started to make sense. Suddenly the meaning of life started to crystalize in my mind. And these church kids were showing me that they respected me and cared for me even though I was nothing special. They were kind. They were different from other kids. I liked to be with them. I couldn't wait to get back to church.


I then got a job and transferred up to Johannesburg to go to Technikon. I made friends with a Christian guy called Simon, who had a 500cc Yammie scrambler, and he used to give me a lift to youth club and church. He led me to God and helped me to accept Jesus - that Jesus took the blame for all the wrong things that I did, and died in my place on the cross, so that I could be declared Not Guilty before God, and in that way become God's friend again. I accepted Jesus as my Lord, and my Saviour. So I committed myself to following the instructions of Jesus in the Bible - to decide to love other people, to not look down on anyone. I gave up swearing, and all the other bad stuff I had been doing. I apologised to my parents for all the grief and grey hairs I had given them over the years. They were very happy!! It's only from then on that I realised what really wonderful parents I actually had.


Once I slotted into God's plan for my life, I realised that we are put here on earth to worship God. Worship comes from 2 words, worth and -ship and indicates that we have an attitude of saying God is worth following and obeying. What we do, and say, and think, should reflect this attitude 24/7. I found that everything in life works better when you do it God's way. Relationships, girlfriends, marriage, kids, work, funerals, weddings, holidays : they all work better God's way, as laid out in the Bible.


In my job I had to climb radio masts of up to 220m in height. I have a fear of heights. yet with God's help, and a lot of praying each time I went up, I have managed to cope with this too. I once spent 4 hours working alone at the very top of a 220 metre television mast. Nice view.

I've been through quite a few crisis in my life, and it's at those times that other Christians have been so good to us - they've prayed for us, been kind to us, brought us hot meals when we couldn't manage, phoned us and visited us to see if we are ok. Being in a big Christian family is a wonderful thing.

I used to wonder if the Bible was all true. Over the last 30 years I have investigated it. It's true. The evidence supporting what is written in the Bible is overwhelming. A person could be forgiven for not believing in the existence of Alexander the Great, because there's less evidence for his existence than there is for most of the Bible characters. The way the universe is put together in such a precise way that a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% (1 in 10exp55) difference either way would mean we would never have existed. (See Professor David Block's book "The universe: Accident or Design") Prophesies that have been made have come true, and not one, but hundreds have come true, to the day. The odds of this happening by chance are so stupendous that it defies comprehension. I don't want to go on too long here, but the evidence is really, really extensive.

So I'm glad I chose to follow Jesus. I have no regrets about that. He gave meaning and purpose to my life. He gave me a foundation - like being able to stand on the bottom in a deepish pool; you feel secure, you won't drown - the knowledge that you have a very powerful friend Who is in control of everything gives you a tremendous sense of security.

And the best thing, saved to last, is that God has a sense of humour. He invented it. So it's also a lot of fun to be a Christian.

Have a good day. God loves you, as you are, warts and all. All He wants, is for you to love Him back, and you do that by accepting Jesus.


There's everything to gain, and nothing to lose except your burdens.