Are you feeling Miserable
How to deal with a serious attack of the Morbs..
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Some days we feel miserable. Demotivated. Unenthusiastic.

And the day seems to be all in black and white.

Well, there is a way to get out of this hole. No instant fix - it may take a day or 2, but it can be done.

First, you need to make a decision: decide that you do not like being miserable and you would like to be happy. The fact that you are rading this page indicates that you have the desire to change; so make it a formal decision.

Now you need to reboot your mind, as it's hung up on negative thoughts. To do this, we need to exercise your mind. Go through the following list and either write down all the statements that are true for you (recommended), or print it out and tick them:

I can move around freely

I have legs that work

I have arms that work

I have someone who loves me

I can see

I can hear

I can taste

I have enough food to eat

I have clothes to wear

Remember, you made a decision to get happy. So you must realise that you are blessed and that there are things to be thankful for and glad about.

I have a car

I have a bike

I have a computer, or the use of one.

I have a phone so I can talk to people

I have airtime!

I have money

I am not in jail

I am not in hospital

I am not mentally retarded

I have a job

I have an education

I have fresh air to breathe; or air at least

I have a pet

I can read and or write

Many many millions of people do not have basic stuff...

I have water to drink

I have electricity

I have hot water to bath/shower in

I have a toilet. (You won't believe the number of people who don't have one at all)

I have a bed to sleep in

I have a house to live in 

My dog loves me

I have a heater to keep warm with

I have a jersey

I can swim

I am able to do stuff, like work out sums, figure out problems. I am NOT useless.

I made it through school

I have a friend

God loves me (He does regardless of whether you believe in Him or not, whether you're good or bad, and He doesn't care what other people say about you. God's love for you is totally unconditional. So you can tick this one..)

Please, please feel free to add more to this list. Believe me, there are lots more.

Remember that I cared enough about you to put this page together. I know how tough life can be and I often get down; but there's always good around - we just have to look for it. I hope that you feel better soon - I'm sure you will!!