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    Just got back from the film site with the gang. By coincidence we arrived on the 45th anniversary, which was pretty cool. There were five of us attending: Rowdy, Robert, Steven, and Jacob. Jacob stopped by Steven's shop as he was passing through and offered to help out. It was cool having an extra hand around plus another vehicle. We secured nine cameras down on the creek. We camouflaged them pretty good and it would be difficult to see them unless you were looking directly at the lens. Overall we were very happy the way it turned out. I have to go for now but I will update more later.

No worries,



    So the last week has been pretty busy for me with school but Robert and Rowdy made it to the film over the weekend site to wrap up some work for Bill Munn’s newest project. I can’t post the exact date we will installing the cameras but it will be very soon. The rains have started to move in and the gates will be closing soon so we are monitoring the weather closely. Rowdy and Robert will be down there the day before I can make it so they will set everything up down at the PG film site. We will be placing some of the cheaper cameras at various locations up on the south ridge road which is likely to see more traffic over the coming weeks. The motivation for this is that the logging roads are basically big game trails and all the animals in the area are using them to traverse the steep terrain.

    We had some major luck with the camera at onion lake. Rowdy retrieved it for re-deployment down at the film site and it captured awesome HD video of couple different bears trudging around. He should have that up on YouTube shortly. That site is the location that the Finding Bigfoot team camped out and had their bonfire on the the “birth of a legend” episode. It is just a few miles down the road from the film site and up on the ridge. Perhaps this bear activity is a source of all the BF reports in the area. The lake is also a major waterhole in the area so it is sure to attract the predators. We will be covering this area with a couple cheaper units due to the bear activity. Rowdy also indicated that there was full 3g cell coverage at this location so we might use this location in part for next year’s project where we plan on having a live feed.

    Robert and I have been tossing around ideas about how to thank everybody. He is working on a full length documentary about the mapping and rediscovering of the film site. He has indicated to me his wishes to include the camera project as part of this so he will be documenting the camera installation process. This is not a commercial documentary so it will be posted on YouTube for everyone to see. We toyed with the idea of sending out DVDs but personally I think the best way I can thank all the contributors is just by working hard and staying focused on the project. Plus I think most people will be happier with us being responsible and not spending money on postage and DVD authoring. Although if you want a DVD copy I’m sure I can get one to you.

    As far as budgeting is concerned it’s a bit interesting right now. I have spent well over the raised amount and have just been getting what we need to make everything work. I won’t even venture a guess how much I’ve spent on this project just in case my girlfriend reads this :-p. All joking aside I think the budget will work out just fine. I have all the receipts for everything and will be posting the expense report as part of the website launch. I’ve just been waiting to tally up everything until the cameras are in the field and I don’t have to buy any more stuff.

    I’ve been working on website content but it is slow going. I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and launch it as is. I can just gradually build up content as I get it written. The front page is a blog format so any news will be just posted on the front page and there will be links on the sidebar for information about the site and the project.

    So that’s about it so far. I’m out of town until next week and I will have some more updates for you then.

No worries,