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Your 2017-18 BVNEA Officers 

and Executive Board Members 


Deb Hotujac, President, STA
(913) 268-4005 

Danna Ahnemann, Vice President for Professional Relations, BVWHS 
Korene Ekstrand, Vice President for Membership, LKMS 
Skyler Myers, Secretary/Treasurer, BVA 


High School
Jennifer Balke-BVHS
Dana Steinwart-BVNHS 

Middle School
Jennifer Smith-OMS

Jill Baith-SRE   
Adriane Falco-STE
Flo Panzner -LES
Kathleen Cigich-Ed Services 

NEA Board of DirectorsKNEA Board of Directors: 
Laurie Folsom-Lawrence NEA