Rogers Wireless Voicemail

rogers wireless voicemail
    rogers wireless
  • Rogers Wireless is a wireless telecommunications provider offering mobile phone and data services throughout Canada using GSM and UMTS technology. Formerly known as Rogers AT&T Wireless, it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Communications.
  • Voicemail is an online television show that can be seen through the Full Episode Player. Each short webisode features Mike, played by Ezra Godden, with his voicemail messages played in the background. As each message plays they help explain Mike's actions.
  • voice mail: a computerized system for answering and routing telephone calls; telephone messages can be recorded and stored and relayed
  • Alternative spelling of voice mail

Rogers Blackberry Pearl 8120 phone
Rogers Blackberry Pearl 8120 phone
A Blackberry 8120 for Rogers Wireless. This phone is different from a regular Blackberry Pearl mainly because it has Wifi.. not only that, you can make regular cellphone calls, use data (some restrictions apply) and send SMSes while retaining your regular mobile phone number. I find this very handy for when visiting the family in the boonies where there is no Rogers cellphone tower in 50km. This helps alot, well it's even awesomer since I got it for free.. with no contract!
My Rogers Wireless bill
My Rogers Wireless bill
In 2007 I was able to get an "unlimited" SMS option with Rogers Wireless, allowing me to send virtually unlimited text messages to friends in Canada (and back then.. friends in the United States), on this bill I reached over 25 THOUSAND text messages, which is 10 times more than the largest text messaging plan covered back then. My usage has gone down alot since then, the most texts I usually send in a month now range from 2000-4000/month tops.

rogers wireless voicemail
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