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Garmin Training Watch

garmin training watch
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Day 210 - Freedom from Garmin!
Day 210 - Freedom from Garmin!
I have owned a Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch since December 2009. The long and the short is that I have had nothing but misery from it - I replaced it several times when it was under warranty, and every replacement has had the same reliability issues as its predecessors. I simply have no faith that the Garmin will work when I take it out for a run. I wanted to replace it for a long time, but did not want to give Garmin any more money after the last lemon I purchased from them. Recently Nike came out with its Nike+ GPS watch, powered by TomTom. I didn't really NEED a new GPS watch - it's not like I'm still in marathon training - but I do like being able to run with one when I am shooting for specific mileage but don't want to be tied to a specific course. Thus, I splurged, and bought myself an early birthday present. The Nike+ arrived yesterday, and I ran with it for the first time today. It took a little while to find its satellite on this cloudy morning, but that's an issue I'd have with the Garmin or any other GPS watch. Once I got going, it kept an accurate distance read on a known course. It is easy to wear, and its buttons are much easier to use than the Forerunner's bevels. Will this be the perfect GPS watch? Only time will tell. But considering my feelings about the Garmin, my thought is that I can only be happier with this in comparison.
Zumo Mount Attached
Zumo Mount Attached
Note, I'm using a longer than standard RAM arm here. Also, the cig. plug is at the train station with the other car, but you get the idea - one could even hard-wire another 'accessory plug' to the vehicle and connect directly to that. WATCH YOUR POLARITIES!!!! My Garmin Zumo 450 GPS wiring and RAM mounting solution on my 1981 Yamaha XJ750 Seca and in our 2004 Honda Pilot.

garmin training watch
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