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Breo Sport Roam 18cm Black Digital Watch

breo sport roam 18cm black digital watch
    digital watch
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Happy Birthday to my Rocker Nerd
Happy Birthday to my Rocker Nerd
Henry is 7 today. SEVEN. How??? What???? When????? For his birthday he received not one, but two watches- his new "thing." Here he models them (one is a stopwatch around his neck, the other an analog "slapwatch") along with the digital watch he received for last year's birthday. He's always been great in front of the camera, but this new "I challenge you to a wry smirk-off" face...I don't know how to feeeeeel about it. I do miss my baby.
Digital watch
Digital watch
Today I was happy just like a kid. I've plugged into my old-old digital watch some power and found how awesome it was and still is!! Anybody feels the same, or maybe has similar watch?? It has around 20 years I guess.... ha!! :)

breo sport roam 18cm black digital watch
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