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Trouble printing forms?

If your printer produces just a blank page instead of printing our application form or the free swim pass, the problem is usually that you are trying to print using the File/Print menu of the browser window rather than the Print button of the embedded Adobe Acrobat window that loads whenever you display a PDF file.

Try this:  Look just above the left upper corner of the document for a button with a printer icon and the word “Print” on it.  It will be right next to a button for “Save a Copy”.  Click the Print button and you should see a dialog box that will allow you to print the form successfully.

This problem is an unfortunate quirk in the way that web browsers currently display PDF documents.  For some reason, the browser’s own File/Print function simply doesn’t work.  It prints blank pages instead.  We can all hope that Adobe will give some attention to this problem and fix it in future releases.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or frustration you have experienced trying to print our forms.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you continue to have trouble.