Letter from the President

Dear Blue Ridge Swim Club Members and Friends,
This is the time of year when the pool needs to reconcile its expenses with its projected income (even as we hire people and set pool hours!).  I am writing to ask you to renew your membership, and hopefully do so as soon as possible.
It is understandable for people to be busy this time of year, and pool memberships often fall off priority lists until the weather gets hot.  The weather is getting hot and the pool needs its regular members, and new members.
As many of you are aware, BRSC is always on the edge of financial solvency. It is treasured by the community of members. It is historic. It is refreshingly cool, and uncrowded. It is inexpensive. Please keep us going, as you always have, and spread the word.
The best way you can help BRSC is to use the pool and bring your friends.
Kim Taylor