Nail Jewelry

Site is still under construction. Please keep checking back for new designs!

             Design A                        Design B                            Design C                        Design D                        Design E
Design A,B, C & D are wrapped in copper wiring and are currently available in
  • Teal (as pictured in Design B)
  • Red (as pictured in Design D)
  • Black (As pictured in Design D)
  • Baby Pink (As pictures in Design C)
  • Brick (As pictured in Design C)
  • Blue (As pictured in Design A)
  • Purple
  • Gold

Design E is a twisted nail & is currently available in 

  • Rustic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Baby Blue
  • Baby Pink
  • Yellow
  • Lignt Green. 
  • Also available unfinished with a clear coat. 
All designs can add a pair of rhinestones/crystals at the bottom.
$10/pair (includes shipping charges)

Additional letters are available. Pictures to come.
Nail Necklaces are made from 1-4 nails. 
lower case letters are made from one nail (generally)
UPPERCASE letters are larger and generally made by 2-4 nails.
All are painted silver & sealed with a protective coating.
$15/necklace (includes shipping charges)
As our items are custom, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Jewelry is shipped USPS, First Class Mail
Colors may change based on seasonality & availability.  If your color choice is unavailable after the time of your order, we reserve the right to refund your payment within the first 72 hours of the purchase.