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Pup Announcements

   Planning a French Brittany litter is a responsibility we take seriously.  We choose the sire based on correct, sound conformation, hip evaluations, good dispositions, trainability, and desirable bird dog traits of the French Brittany.       
   Emphasis continues on the health of the pups, with proper facilities, feeding, care, veterinary services, socialization and introduction to the outdoors... and wings!  
   We only have a litter occasionally (maybe one a year), but the end goal is producing quality French Brittany dogs for the home & field, not just a litter of cute puppies!
   Right now we are enjoying our wonderful 11 year old Rally's 'golden' years who, as I write, is fortunately  very healthy .  We have been delighted with the French Brittanys and their people so very much over the years, but lately we have some other priorities that limit our ability to devote ourselves to more than our two older dogs, so there will be no new litters in the near future.