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Stroll through memory lane...  sort of

February 2, 2011:  Wow.  I just clicked here from my JIG account link.  This site will likely not be updated again, short of more reminiscing.  That JIG link is the only likely source of visitors, so hi curious JIGgers!  Be sure to say hi to me at JayIsGames if you get the chance.

July 15, 2009:  I've uploaded Snakey to Heyzap.  Snakey 2 will take some time to come out, since I haven't been working on it.  I hope to start working on it again eventually, but I'll have to refamiliarize myself with the programming.  The soonest likely time for me to start up working on it is in the fall.

February 11, 2009:  Good news.  When I got back my computer with the new hard drive, I also got back my old 'broken' hard drive as well.  Best buy told me they could recover my files for $100, which was strange seeing as they claimed it had crashed.  Recently I bought an external case for the old hard drive, and it worked.  I have the Snakey game back.  Don't expect it to be done any time soon though.  This project is going to be low priority for a while.  (On a side note, getting a laptop hard drive and external case set is a pretty inexpensive way to get an external hard drive.)

January 28, 2009:  Bad news.  My computer crashed a week ago.  It turns out it was a hard drive failure.  I have a warranty, so the repairs cost nothing, and my new hard drive has double the memory.  The really bad news is that I lost all of my files.  Most of my stuff was backed up, but Snakey was not.  I'll have to start over with the game.

January 21, 2009:  I've uploaded Pteulanus to Kongragate.

January 8, 2009:  After a nice, long winter break, I am about to start my spring semester at college.  What this means for you:  I'll be able to start back up working on Snakey.  The home setting seems to impare my work ethic, so I got barely anything done on the game.  The only thing I accomplished was to discover that Kongregate gives preloaders out.  This means I won't have to bother with making my own.  Hopefully I'll have another good solid day of programming someday soon.  It may only take one or two more of these to finish the game.

As far as the site goes, I've began adding Kongregate ads all over with the hope of getting some more ad revenue.  This site by itself is pretty low traffic, but since I've linked to it from my facebook page, it is a good intermediate between the two sites.

December 4, 2008:  It has not been a very productive month in way of making the game, but I've finally gotten over mt programmer's block.  I've moved the estimate for finishing date to January, mostly because I'm not skimping on the level designing.  Arena levels will now be more exciting with custom bosses on each level.

November 8, 2008:  I've had an unusually productive day working on Snakey.  The programming should be done within the week.  I still need to design all of the levels and find some good music and sound effects, but that won't be too hard.

November 7, 2008:  I've finally gotten to a good part on the next Snakey.  It will still take a few more weeks to complete, but I've gotten past most of the hard stuff.  I'm designing the levels now (amazingly, this is a small part of the workload).  As far as the title, I've been trying to figure out a better name, rather than "Snakey".

October 5, 2008:  After a month of distractions (college tests, social life, the internet, etc.), I've finally gotten bored enough to start up the next snakey project.  It's not just some thrown together game like the first Snakey.  I'm actually drawing up the project ahead of time so I don't face unexpected roadblockes (like making a loading screen and a menu, they take soooo long if you don't make them first).  I am very optimistic about how this project will turn out.  Nevertheless, the new game will probably not be out until November.

September 13, 2008:  Snakey has been released at Kongregate, and I've decided to not release it here until I finish the next version.  Expect all the ideas mentioned in the about page to be in the new version.  I'll also add some things mentioned in the comments, such as a counter on the game screen and faster growth when snakey is short.  By the way, the snakey treats are curled up mice.

If you want to give input on my site, you can do so through Kongregate.  My username is bluemoose19.

September 12, 2008:  Snakey is almost done.  I'm planning on releasing a version to Kongregate first, then I'll add mochiads to the game and release it here.

September 9, 2008:  The game is near completion.  I just need to make the menu and sort out some bugs.  I'll upload the first version, url-locked, to Kongregate, and set up a mochiads account for the free version on this site.

September 5, 2008:  I'm making great progress on the game.  It should be done within a few days.  This game is moving so quickly mainly because it takes little programming and virtually no drawing.

September 4, 2008 (Later):  Here is a preview of my latest project.

September 4, 2008:  I've recently discovered that I am actually getting ad revenue for the game on Kongregate, and it's more than just a few dimes.  With this in mind, I've begun spending more time on game development.

September  2, 2008 (later):  I'm putting the Pteulanus sequel on hold.  It wasn't going anywhere, and I have other games in mind.  I'm going to make minigames instead for a while.  Minigames seem more addictive, and they don't take long to make, so I'll make a few just to boost my profile as a flash developer.

September  2, 2008:  I was able to get the update to Kongregate before I left the fast internet of my dorm for memorial day weekend.  I'd like to warn my readers (I know you're out there) about a scam that was recently brought to my attention.  Some sites have a practice of profiting off of stolen games.  If you see a site glazed with ads, be warned.  Sites like those are most likely to have stolen content.  I urge you not to spend time on these sites.  It's too late to url-lock nonVerus, but I now know to do this for all future games.  If you see nonVerus on a site other than Kongregate or this one, remember it is stolen.

August 29, 2008:  I got up this morning and checked the response to the nonVerus desert.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a great response.  There are already quite a few forums discussing the game.  There are also a few sites that have stolen the game, so I've decided to figure out how to url-lock the game.  I'll try to make it playable through download as well as on the appropriate sites.  The response means I'll probably fix the game within the day.  I'll get right on it after my classes.

August 28, 2008 (later):  I've been working with the nonVerus game in order to have scores on Kongregate. It seems my fla file of the nonVerus desert has a scene that doesn't work.  I will have to remake the green wall in the game in order to fix up the game.  This might take some time to complete, especially with my college workload starting to pile up.  The new pictures section will be up soon.

 August 28, 2008:  I'm still uploading pictures when I get the time.  I have also submitted the nonVerus game to Kongregate (user name:bluemoose19).

 August 27, 2008:  I am in the process of uploading pictures.

 August 22, 2008:  The news page has been created.  I've decided to stop writing updates on the main page.  Instead, they will be logged here so that you can get an idea of the frequency of updates.  Maybe this isn't such a good idea...  oh well

After procrastinating on this site all summer, I've finally begun making a new game.  It will be like Pteulanus, because from what input I have gotten, it's the most fun to play (not to mention how little programming it requires).  I'll make it easier to control, so you don't have to rapidly press up in order to keep the ball level.  I also decided not to have the game at 80 fps.  I was obsessed with the original Pteulanus to look smooth, and I heard somewhere that the human eye sees at around 80 fps (don't cite me on this), but it was so fast, slow computers had an advantage because the game worked slower, yet it still looked smooth.  Anyway, I've learned enough in the last few years not to make the same mistake again.  The game will be up soonish.  Who knows, I might just add a plot!

I typed up an about page, for those of you who are curious about how this site came to be.

Other than this, there isn't much more I've been up to on the site.  I've rewritten some pages to make the site more friendly and welcoming.  Oh, by the way:  Welcome to my site!


July 13, 2008: I have the program I need, so I can finally start making more games.  Thank you to the viewers of this site for waiting so patiently, if there are any.  Also, I'll try to get some traffic for this site once  I decide the contents are worthy it.  For now it's just a place for me to post my games, but eventually I'll put some effort into designing the site and getting it discovered.


May 20, 2008: Mouse defense beta was released.


November 29, 2007:  This site was created to host Mouse Defense.  good times

Pre November 29, 2007:  Pteulanus was created for a graphic design class.