About this site

Learn about the humble origins to how this site came to be.

Fall 2004, I began my freshman year of high school.  I signed up for my classes, but I still had room in the schedule.  For fun, I added a graphic design class (known as 4D art).  I entered the world of animation, and I liked it.  I went up the levels of the class, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..  By my fifth semester, there was no syllabus.  I could make anything as long as I wasn't wasting my time.  I, like many, loved playing online games.  I had recenly played Warbears mission 1, and I decided to make a game like it.  I looked through the internet, trying to figure out where to start.  I found out I'd have to leard actionscript, the programming lanuage behind flash games and animations.  I started by copying and pasting short pieces of code.  I worked my way up, learning the language and figuring out how to create more complex interactions.  Eventually, I had enough to start making the game.  The work took longer than I had expected.  It took to the end of the semester to finish the game.  It was met with great admiration from my peers in the class, even though it was not nearly as good as the modern day annimations.

The game, along with most of my earlier animations, was lost due to the school computer deleting the large files over break.  I still have a faulty swf and a corrupted fla of the game, but  I will not be able to fix it.  The backing up has been riddled with errors.  Since I don't have the game, I suppose I will tell you some about it.  It was made as a split screen of a house, like the warbears games.  The player would control a stick figure trying to steal some top secreet documents from a safe in a heavily guarded house.  The stick figure would be controlled with commands, popped up as buttons on the screen (again, like the warbears games).  I had a pretty good puzzle, filled with out of the box thinking and many ways to get yourself killed.

Spring 2007, I started on another game.  This one was Pteulanus.  I was lucky enough to have backed up a working version of the game.  The fla file (the editable file that that the game was made on), was corrupted durring backup, so what I have on the site is here to stay.  The last few levels wern't working for me the last time I checked, so you may not be able to have a satisfying ending to the game.

Fall 2008, I started making the nonVerus desert.  This game was made entirely using perspective (an element of art).  I was satisfied with how it turned out, so I decided to make a site for it.  I learned about google pages through a journalism class, where the students were assigned to post a project on the web.  Thus, this site was born, er, created.

 My last semester as a high school student, I worked on Mouse Defense.  The programming was emmense, and I spent quite a while creating the sprites (especially the fiefox.)  The semester was over before I could add the final touches to the game (a menu, a good looking upgrades page etc.)  The gameplay was not nearly as good as I had expected, so by the time I had the resources to continue working on the game, I lost interest.  I still might revive the firefox sprite in another game.  Just you wait.

This story is finally to the present (August 22, 2008).  I've had to relearn much of the programming, as actionscript has a new, very different version.  I had only learned what programming I needed to make the games, so it was rough transition.  Making games is a fun hobby for me, but it is not the goal in life I persue.  I am in college now, so I may spend less and less time with this hobby.  So here I sit, in my dorm room, typing away at this about page.  Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoy the games.

As a bonus to those who read this, I will mention a secret in a couple of the games.  The nonVerus desert has five secrets outside the frame of the game.  For those of you who know how to open games outside the frame of the html code, it is possible to get a modest secret ending.  Also, Mouse Defense has a text box outside the frame.  I made it to ease testing.  If you type a correct password, you can get bonus abilities.  I don't have the list of passwords with me, but I remember two of them are "phoenix me" and "goldrush".  Enjoy the secrets.