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About I-Chun
    I-Chun Findley is a Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) in the State of Washington.  She holds an Associates In Science Degree as a Massage Practitioner from Whatcom Community College school of Massage Therapy in Bellingham, WA., and has over 1200 hours of practical massage experience, including pre and post-event massage for athletes, treatment massages for clients who are in rehabilitative care following injuries, and many who are seeking general wellness relaxation massage. 

    Before pursuing a career in massage therapy she worked in several diverse fields. However the lack of personal interaction and efficacy of her labor never really satisfied her desire to promote change and wellness on an individual level.  This motivated her to choose massage therapy as a career.

    I-Chun's interest in complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) was sparked after seeing the benefits in those around her. She was inspired by several of the alternative medicine practitioners she came in contact with during this time.

    In her practice I-Chun helps people find and use tools to take control of their own health.  By sharing her skill and knowledge of the benefits of massage with her clients she hopes they will identify any underlying physical issues, and initiate healing through massage or exercises that help restore harmony within the context of the whole.