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Monthly themed charts

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    These were previous freebies offered on my now defunct "dot com" website.


     This is "Luck" created in 2008 just for you!  (For the freebie-click here:  Luck.pdf )

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     "Falling for Fall" was a freebie that I put on my web page back when I had Blueladie  As all the 'Dot.Com' fiascos... this too bit the dust.  Falling for Fall was simple enough, but I just never did like it.   (For the freebie-click here:  FallingforFall.pdf )

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     "Scaredy Cat" is one of my favorites.  It was a Halloween freebie on my website.  I still like it!  I especially liked the way the hairs on the cat 'glowed' in front of the moon. (For the freebie-click here: ScardyCat.pdf )

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      Back to School is another freebie I created around September for my website.  It's ok as freebies go.  (For the freebie-click here:  BacktoSchool.pdf )

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      Happy Easter was yet one more offered.  (For the freebie-click here:   HappyEasterBunny.pdf )

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I created the "Anything Sampler" just for fun because everyone at the time seemed to be in love with snowmen.  :)  I don't like the way it turned out though.  (For the freebie click here:  AnythingSampler-rev.pdf )

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     I really like this one.  Everyone uses the phrase, "Spring Has Sprung."  I just envisioned it as these funny flowers 'springing' up from the ground. Voila!  The chart!  :D  (For the freebie click here:  SpringHasSprung-rev.pdf )

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     Just had to do something for summer and this came to mind... I really don't know why except sometimes... summer is just sloooooooooooooooow.  ;)  (For the freebie click here:  SummersSlower-rev.pdf )