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    Blueladie Designs is a true love for me which started with the love of cross stitch and progressed through discussion boards and ended with me designing charts.  "Necessity is the mother of invention" certainly came true for me.  


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

02-01 - Beary Thankful - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

4.21" x 2.71" (59 x 38 stitches)

Recognize my 'main man'?  Yep, Berry Bear made his reappearance for 12 consecutive months.  November 2002's bear  had the same chunky appearance, but the fruits and vegetables were nice.  The border wasn't too bad either.  Still, I was just a beginner and an amateur (still am). 

Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-02 - Beary Best Gift - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

4.93" x 6.93 " (69 x 97 stitches)


Then came December 2002.  Still chunky and endearing.  Will I ever see what I see now?  This bear needs to go on a diet.  But he was my first love and they say love is blind.  In this case, it certainly is. 


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-03 - Beary Cold - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

5" x 7" (69 x 98 stitches)

January 2003 got a little better.  At least the snowman looked larger than my bear.  Standing up, he doesn't look so bad, but then neither does anyone else.  I liked this chart, too.  I loved the little 'shiver' marks around the bear that made him seem cold.  I really liked my snowman.  I was proud of him. - 



Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

02-04 - Beary Much In Love $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

7" x 5" (91 x 68 stitches)

I tried and tried, but I just couldn't make this chart smaller.  It was too large for comfort, but I just couldn't do otherwise.  I could only hope and pray that stitchers could follow the saying around the heart.  No matter.  I really loved the lettering.  I wasn't totally happy with the bears though.



Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-05 - Beary Lucky - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

5" x 3" (67 x 41 stitches)

I enjoyed this design too, though I must admit I carried it over from January.  But who else could be my bear's friend?  After all I just introduced him in January and he seemed perfect for the job of friend to Beary Bear.  I struggled with this design.  I had several versions and then it just came to me.  The best luck you can have is friends.  The more the merrier!


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-06 - Beary Liquid Sunshine - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

3.07" x 5" (41 x 67 stitches)

Now what could be more natural than April Showers.  Now I ask you.  That umbrella gave me fits!!!  It looks vaguely like an umbrella, but what can you do with cross stitches and not too much back stitching.  Boy is it HARD to make rounded shapes!  Did you notice my bear is a little thiner?  I guess he's hungry after hibernating all winter.  LOL


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

02-07 - Beary Beautiful Flowers - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

7" x 5" (95 x 67 stitches)

And of course... "April Showers bring May Flowers.  How much more of a cliche does it get?  What can I say?  You go with the expected.  People love series, sets, themes, seasons and that's what I've learned over the years. 

     Mr. Bear's hat looks ridiculous, but I had to give him somewhat of a garden theme besides the basket of flowers!  I must admit I LOVE that basket.  I've used it again and again over the years.  After all a good design is worth repeating! - 


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-08 - Beary Summery - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

7" x 5"  (98 x 70 stitches)

Now what can I say!  I LOVED June.  LOL.  Everything about my Beary Sweet Bear from the sunglasses, to the ice cream dripping on his face to the lawn chair.  I just loved him!!! - 


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

     02-09 - Beary Patriotic - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

4" x 6" (56 x 84 stitches)

I had to do something patriotic.  After all, July is the month of Independence Day.  I loved the fireworks.  I loved the flag, but the bear looks dorky and I wasn't happy with the lettering, but when you are creating and stitching a chart once a month... WOW!  The pressure!  LOL.


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

02-10 - Bear Days $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)

7" x 5" (98 x 70 stitches)

I guess our bear's been working out case he looks kind of top heavy, doesn't he?  LOL.  This chart works for me.  He looks hot.  He's sweating, drooling and I loved the play on Dog Days of August.


Actual stitching by Cathryn M (designer)

    02-11 - Beary Smart - $3.50 USD (PDF emailed chart)
6.13" x 4.38" (88 x 65 stitches)

This chart really works for me.  I love everything about it.  It's clever.  The colors are good and I loved the 'back to school' theme for September.  I even loved the backstitching on the chalk board (which I'm sure most of the ladies hated)!
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If you have any questions, please email me here.