Bluehost web hosting is one affordable and reliable web hosting company. Today, Bluehost is hosting millions of domain names and getting 20,000 new customers every month with latest Bluehost coupons. They are not a small web hosting company; they are well-known for high quality web hosting company that offering business class products and services since year 2003. They offer variety of shared hosting packages, VPS and now dedicated servers. Bluehost cPanel hosting plan is now available in unlimited domain hosting features, this features enable you to host multiple websites and domains under one hosting account. In this website you can find best Bluehost plans and features of this web hosting with updated Bluehost coupon to get discount with all hosting plans.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan

Each bluehost shared hosting plan has their own specifications and specially catered for targeted users. Some plans are designed for personal websites and some plans are designed for business websites and there are other complicated packages are catered for special need for CMS websites, Video streaming sites, Social media websites etc.

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We are giving Bluehost great score in features aspect; As they are offering highest features & reliability in current web hosting industry. Their unlimited plans starts from $3.95 with our bluehost coupon discount link and that is truly Unbeatable.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Plan

Is Bluehost dedicated server upgrade worth it? They start offering this since 2013 and priced below $100 for starting. There are three dedicated plans to choose from and two of it are priced at below $100 dollars per month. Basic server is with dual core processor and with 4 GB RAM that is sufficient for most large scale website. Here are some of the features included inside:

    • Bluehost server is with dual core Intel Xeon processors.

    • CentOS 64 bits operating system offering the highest reliability.

    • From 4 GB memory.

    • 2 x 500 GB hard disk drive.

    • Free domain name.

    • Free 3 dedicated IP addresses.

Bluehost Reseller Plan

Is Bluehost reseller plan recommended? They are introducing the new reseller plan since year 2012 and this is the all new reseller package. Their shared users that find them self with insufficient server resources can either upgrade to higher plan or reseller plan that offer more capacity and performance. Particularly for this reseller plan, user can resell the remaining storage and bandwidth and earn some money from there. Some professional reseller will get multiple packages and create a huge network of users and make some good income every month.

They are now offering three reseller packages, and here is the basic plan will give

    • 100 GB actual disk storage space and 15 Mbps data transfer speed.

    • Unlimited cPanel, domains, MySQL databases, email addresses.

    • Unlimited domain names.

    • Free domain name.

    • Free cPanel control panel.

    • Free billing system.

    • Free website builder.

    • Free spam protection.

    • Free private name servers.

    • Free SimpleScripts apps installer.

    • WHM control panel.

What is the Bluehost Coupon Code for the Highest Discount?

There are currently few promotion with Bluehost. Previously there is $8.99/mo Bluehost special promo price but we are offering special Bluehost coupon codes link price at $3.95 per month; which is the best Bluehost coupon price. Order their web hosting plan, lock in the price, and choose as long as 3 years hosting plans, secure the price for years to come and prevent price change in future. Click on the Sidebar Banner Or Link Below of Bluehost in this site and go to Bluehost discount page.

Bluehost cPanel

Bluehost cPanel control panel is included free in their web hosting plans. This is the most complete web hosting plan we ever seen. They have domain registration and domain management integrated in here. Need dedicated IP or SSL certificate, order it directly from here and when you need to reach out their tech support, either go to official website or use the support link available in this control panel. Right now, they included the new feedback page and allows user to submit feedback to administrator directly.

The new Bluehost control panel design is now clean and takes less time to load as well. There is speed advantage here. When we have lots of configuration work to carry out, this faster website loading speed really give some extra advantage. In here, they include all the latest features and addon products.

Bluehost SimpleScripts installer.

This is another great reason why we like SimpleScripts against Fantastico or Softaculous. We have been using this for many years. From observation, we can see they are constantly adding new scripts and provide more open-source software for free. Right now, there is hundred of free software available in here. Choose the one to install and complete the process.

Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost customer support quality is one of its kinds. They use the most excellent technical support team and accessible via live chat, phone, and email. They are some of the best and have the shortest waiting time. 100% US-based and they are professional. It’s easy to communicate and they can understand what we want and what the website problem is. In overall, this is a good web hosting package with quality support that is accessible via:

    • Phone support (the fastest way).

    • Online live chat (estimated waiting time of less than 1 minute).

    • Email ticketing

    • Bluehost forum discussion and help.

    • Knowledge-base support centre.

We really don’t like hosting company that makes us waiting over the phone and have to listen to machine voice for lengthy time. They have done a wonderful job in this by cutting the waiting time to minimum.

Bluehost Other Features

Bluehost dedicated IP address is $3.99 per month : They have online ordering page for this and user can order it themselves. There is some message and information to know before adding this private address to domain name. For example, service downtime caused by dedicated IP installation and DNS propagation. Once confirmed to proceed, we will get to ordering page and calculated the prorated payment.

Bluehost webmail client program is complete : From cPanel control panel, there is manager tool for creating email account and perform mail client configuration. Inside is step-by-step tutorial guide to help setup email client like Outlook Express. Next, there is free webmail interface. Here we can choose login to Horde or Squirrel mail, and check for new incoming message.

Bluehost SiteLock website security is recommended to all online business : With subscription to this, user can protect site from malware and various online threats. Your website can now add this SiteLock security badge and display it to all visitors, informing the website is safe and daily scanned. This feature is suitable for eCommerce website that require the highest level of protection and be alerted at first place.

Bluehost Uptime is impressive all year long : A good uptime percentage indicates a well managed website hosting plan. We are expecting the best uptime rating from this highly popular website hosting company. For our website currently hosting with their shared hosting, the uptime percentage for the pass 6 years have been recorded as following:

    • Overall Bluehost uptime percentage is 99.9%.

    • Both 2016 and 2015 annual Bluehost uptime rating is above 99.9%.

Bluehost is Aimed for Professional and Business website purposes : So we should expect a little bit more in server quality and performance. This is a brand for reliability. features are one of the best in the current web hosting market, it comes with all necessary softwares and tools for us to run multiple websites at once. If you need more reason to choose them, here are the top 10 reasons:

  • With over 13 years of trustable experience in hosting industry.

  • Unlimited disc space & unlimited bandwidth transfer.

  • Unlimited domain hosting and having multiple websites in one account.

  • 24/7 phone support, live chat support, and email ticketing support.

  • CPanel control panel with the best SimpleScripts installer.

  • 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee.

  • Free domain name included.

  • Dedicated IP address at cheap price.

  • Support eCommerce website.

  • Free Website Marketing Features.

Final Verdict

In this Bluehost review, we tried to give most comprehensive information on all hosting features and bluehost coupon codes and this will help you to reduce price on all bluehost hosting plans. We know they offer best features at most reasonable price And they have included more free gifts and marketing features compare to others. All these improvement make them a better place to host business website. We put them into series of rating and rewarded them a score of 9.9 out of 10.

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