Boxing Strip Cards

Please email at to purchase.  Payment accepted via Paypal, Check or Money Order.  All prices include shipping and handling.  Buy with confidence.  Heck, make me an offer I just might take it.  I have over 2200 positive feedbacks on eBay.  My eBay handle is: ernestreyes.  Write to me if you want some more detailed scans, or with any questions.

Below is a listing of various vintage boxing cards and collectibles I have for sale, organized by set.

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1921 W551  Johnny Kilbane located lower right in pic Good Pic $10.00 
1921 W551  Pancho Villa 2 available - $10.00 each G-VG Pic $10.00 each 
1921 W551  Johnny Wilson 3 available - $10.00 each Good Pic $10.00 each 
1921 W551  Johnny Dundee 4 available - $10.00 each Good Pic $10.00 each 
1921 W551  Georges Carpentier 5 available - $10.00 each G-VG Pic $10.00 each 
1923 W580  John L. Sullivan 1 available - card on left in pic NrMint - Mint Pic $50.00 each 
1923 W580  Jack Dempsey 1 available - card on left in pic NrMint - Mint Pic $40.00 each 
1923 W580  Jack Johnson, John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey Group of 20 different cards from set NrMint - Mint Pic $350.00 
1923 W580  Jack Johnson 2 available - $70.00 each NrMint - Mint Pic $70.00 each 
1925-1927 W512  Complete Set of 10 Boxing Cards from set cards shown on top and middle rows in pic VG Pic $65.00 
1925-1927 W512 #46 Luis Firpo bottome row, far left G-VG Pic $10.00 
1925-1927 W512 #47 Georges Carpentier bottom row, center G-VG Pic $10.00 
1925-1927 W512 #50 Charley Ledoux bottom row, far right VG Pic $10.00 
1928 W513 #88 Paolino Uzcudun on bottowm row, far right- Spanish Heavyweight Champion- 2 available VG-NrMint Pic $5.00 each 
1928 W513 #89 Tom Henney on bottowm row, right of center- Australian Heavyweight Champion NrMint- Mint Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #91 Billy "Young" Stribling on bottome row, left of center- Leading Heavyweight America VG Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #93 Phil Scott on bottom row, far left- English Heavyweight Championship EX-NrMint Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #95 Sammy Mandell on top row, far right- World's Champion Lightweight VG Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #96 Fidel la Barba top row, right of center- Retired Undefeated World's Champion Flyweight EX Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #97 Tony Canzoneri top row, at center- Leading Challenger Featherweight Championship EX-NrMint Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #98 Louis "Kid" Kaplan top row, left of center- Retired Featherweight Champion EX-NrMint Pic $5.00 
1928 W513 #99 Charlie "Phil" Rosenberg top row, far left- Bantam Champion EX Pic $5.00 
Showing 22 items