Your project in action!

Check out YOUR project step by step! 

These photo's were reproduced from the originals and have a Holly green and Ice white mat with a medium black frame.






 Kim and Jim's St. George project

Just starting out....!



 Almost there....just to add the glass and put together!





Joey Johns Project

Nearly there.....just a few more hours.

And, of course, to add the photograph of Joey!



Here it is!

Melbourne Storm signed shirt and a 2007 team photograph

A rough guide to see if we have everything in place



Now everything is mounted and ready to rock!



This is the finished product.

The owner will see this for the first time on our website



Now you can show ya mates!


Big Jack F - here are your lastest creations


This one is for your Mother and Father

This is the black mat cut with a white mat underneath. This is called a double mat and looks fantastic.

We then attach the items in place with acid free hinge tape.

The finished product with 2mm clear glass and a simple hanging system.

JackF frame Part II

Double mat, this time the black is underneath.

Three really nice black and white photographs in a three opening mat.

He does it again!

The finished product.

An example of the simple hanging system and frame finish.

We have two screw eyes with Braided Picture Wire.

The wire is plastic coated and rated to hold a 40kg picture. (If required)

The silicone framers tape really finishes off the back of the frame and helps keep the dust and bugs out of your nice new frame!




Nathan T and his fantastic Parramatta shorts


This is how your frame four lengths.

Then we glue, clamp, adjust,  and v-nail in place.

(Glue here, is optional, I find it strengthens the joints for these deep rebated frames)

Here you can see the mats cut to the size of the frame.

The shorts are attached to the blue mat, and the primrose yellow will form the colourful boarder.

Here are the shorts with the boarder cut out. We then 'build up' the boarder with 5mm acid free foam board to give the 'depth' look to the shorts.


Here you go Nathan T!

What do you think?


 It looks better than I thought, as you never know if you should add photographs, plaques etc..

You were required nothing else!

The signatures are as clear as day and look the business.


Pablo the legend...and  his Origin current and past legends jersey



Yes, this is a decent size measuring 900mm by 860mm with a great deep rebated frame of square black box.

It is the first time we have used this wood and it looks the business, perfect for this project.


This is the first stage of attaching the jersey to the matboard.

We use a combination of needlework tape, velcro hinges and Jumper tacks.



Here we start to build up the boader with 5mm foam core to give the frame depth. Which is a simple time consuming process, but it looks the business!



Here it is...Now it is in the frame and stood upright to simulate the jersey being hung on the wall.


To ensure the jersey stays in place of course!

The glass is in the workshop ready to go. All we need to do is to attach the glass, fix the mounted jersey in place and tape up the back.

Sounds easy does it not?......

Of course the jersey has been ironed/pressed into place and should take another 2-3 hours yet to complete.


The final product ready for pick up!






Up next are Sarah F and Shony B's projects!

Here is Sarah's.

Sarah has decided to frame her great collection of Boni Jovi music memorabilia with us!



Here is one of your frames in the workshop ready to go.



Here we have the mat cut out to the size of the frame.

Why two pieces?

Sarah has decided, I very wise girl, to have a double mat with super white and black.



Here the white is cut, then we attached the black to the bottom and cut the double mat.

The white mat that is sitting on top of the black is important, as we attached this to the opening of the white mat on the left. This achieves perfect results.

Confused yet Sarah?


Here you can see the music sheet with the mat.

Now you can start to image  what the finished product will look like.



Here we go....all three in a row!




 The wood is a medium black cushion and really works well with the music/song sheets signed by Bon Jovi.

How good is that!


Shony B's artwork.

It may seem that we like this medium black?

You're wrong....we love it!


Here is the frame ready to go!


We are completing this project with a double mat with the colours, super white and mustard.

Here we have cut the mat to the size of the frame, and in this shot, we are preparing the mat to be cut.



The finished product!

We cut the white first, then attach the mustard underneath the white. The we mark and cut the one underneath, so we achieve perfect double mat results everytime!



Here we put everything together.

All we need now is the glass.

And here is Superman!

Here you can see the difference between the two colour choices.


And this is the finished product!


Framin with the Cravin!



Spruce It Up!


Once we stripped the frame, we started from the beginning.

Cut new matboard, cleaned the glass, cleaned the photographs, sanded and refinished the frame, added a new backing and hanging system.


Here is the completed project.


Stained and laquered finish really show off the great fire vehicle shots





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