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War World II Frame.

Features the Desert Rat patch, African, Burma, Italy, France/German Stars, Defence medal.




Boer War and World War I Frame

Features the South African/Transvaal medal, and one with the words

 'The Great War for Civilisation' 1914-1919


Lest we Forget




Egyptian Papyrus

 The Papyrus was originally a old metal frame, now the Papyrus enjoys a Gosford silver frame with the acid free environment it deserves!




Silk Reef Fish




The Annie Clifford-Smith Collection 






  Australiana Collection



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Family Photographs






Needlework projects



Canvas Stretching Service





Here is an example of some 'make over' frames that just required updating!

Spruce it Up - New glass, acid free backing, tape and general clean!




Military patches, logo, and memorabilia.





Nathan's Punisher frame is a hand painted image on T-shirt

It looks FANTASTIC!!!!





A Flax Paper print with Traditional Maori Design 




Mt Fuji landscape




Coolangatta Beach scene





This has been the most challenging and the most rewarding project to date.

Presented to St. Patricks school as part of the recent World Youth Day visit by the Pope.





Antique Map 

 This frame has just been completed and displays a very old map, with Daler cream boarder and Barnwood with gold for the frame





Holden Romper suit

This now has a red background where the white is currently, silver synthesis box frame, a Mark Skaife signature and a picture of the previous owner of the jump suit!


This is one of the coolest looking silver frames I have seen!




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      A lovely black and white frame featuring photographs taken from the 1940's through to the 1960's








Like to see you mother-in-law HUNG!

(her name that is!)


 Every thought of having your name, your mum, dad, son, daughter, business, footy team, girlfriend, pet or pretty much what ever you wish framed for all to see!






The boys and their toys!




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