Week Two Activities


Week Two


 Activity One -

 Students will have already posted on the class wiki their own definitions of bullying.  Discuss as a class some of the definitions and examples of bullying.

Show the class the video on cyberbullying.  It's link can be found on the Reading/Watching/Listening/Doing page.

Discuss with the students cyberbullying and what they have learned from the video.

Activity Two -

The students will watch the Online Etiquette video and reflect in a class discussion.  They will also look at their online etiquette pre-assessment and discuss their answers.  They should be able to identify more of the correct answers after watching and discussing the video.

Activity Three - 

Using a practice chat room, the students will participate in a classroom chat using, and replying, to different posts with their classmates.  They will be exposed to all the different etiquettes and in-class discussion will take place.