Week One Activities


Week One


Activity One: 

On day one of the first week, the instructor will offer the students a DVD that resembles a copy of some popular material that would interest the majority of students.   Students can choose to take the copies.  

To prepare for this activity, the instructor will need to load on the discs a movie message to the students.  The message will inform the students that if the DVDs had been real, they would have just obtained a copy illegally. 

When the students return to class they will discuss what they found when they tried to enjoy their new discs.  The instructor will lead the class in a discussion about the piracy, copyright laws and plagiarism. 

Activity Two:  

The students will listen to a podcast that features some interesting characters involved in a familiar copyright piracy situation.  The podcast is a two-part podcast.  

At the end of part one, students will discuss and decide what the character Anita should do. (Should she download and copy a movie she really wants?)  

Then students will listen to the second part where Anita makes the right decision.  

The podcast explains why copyright laws exists and sheds light on how many people don't realize it is wrong to do so.  

The podcast can be accessed from the R/W/L/D page.