This page explains the different technologies the creators of this unit 

used and technologies the students will use.  




Used in Creation:

To collaborate in the planning of this unit, the team used Google Docs.  We had one central page that we used to place brainstorming ideas, create a script together, and place other thoughts that occurred to us.

Also used in our collaboration was our Emerging Technologies Wiki.  We used a page on the wiki to post links that each member found relevant to our topic.  The links were used to educate us on the topic, used to create student resources, and as part of the Readings/Watchings/Listenings/Doings the students will be expected to complete. 

As a team, we created a podcast using Garage Band and posted to Podbean.  This podcast will be used with students to inform them on digital piracy and to foster a class discussion.

The team also created videos that the students will use.  The videos were edited using iMovie.  The videos were then uploaded to Teacher Tube.

We are also using Google Pages to create a website that includes all the information gathered in one central location.  This is one of the pages.  The homepage for our website is

Student Use:

The students will be using a wiki to take a quiz, post their ideas, and have a central place for important unit information.  Class Wiki 

The students will take a quiz using Google Forms that was created by the team.  The quiz will give the instructor an idea of the knowledge students have before instruction begins.  Etiquette Quiz

The students will participate in an online chat to practice their learned online etiquette.  The students will be expected to comply with the tips the instructor has outlined.  The chat will take place using a gadget through Google Pages