Week One:

Plagiarism, copyright, and fair use

A. This is a You Tube video that answers the question: What is digital citizenship?
Digital Citizenship Video

B. This is an introductory video on creative commons. From this video have a basic understanding of this concept.
Creative Commons Video

C. Post to our class wiki what you think creative commons means after watching the video.

D. The Copyright Pirate Strikes Again - this is a podcast students will listen to in class. 

E. The Copyright Pirate Strikes Again II - this is the second part to the podcast that will be listened to in class.

Week Two: 

Online Etiquette and Cyberbullying

A. Think about and write in your own words what bullying is. This includes what it looks like and sounds like. Post your ideas to the class wiki.

B. This is a short video that helps you realize how hurtful bullying can be.
Bullying Video

C. This is a website article that gives you some basic tips on proper etiquette. There are also some emoticons that you can use when we chat in class!
Netiquette Website

D. Podcast 102 Cyberbill

Student created skit about Cyberbullying

1. Open iTunes
2. In search bar type in "Cyberbill 102"
3. Click on Podcast 102
4. Listen to podcast


E. Onlie Chat Etiquette is a video students will watch and discuss in class

F.  Cyberbullying is a video students will watch and discuss in class