Week OnePlagiarism, Copyright, and Creative Commons

Day One  - The students will be originally evaluated using a KWL chart to find what they already know, want to know, and will learn about plagiarism, copyright, and Creative Commons. The chart will then remain posted throughout the week.

Also, in an attempt to see how the students already feel and how much they already know about copyright laws, the instructor will place a stack of blank CDs that are labeled to look like a copy of a popular music soundtrack or group.  The students will be told that they are free to select one for their own collection, and if they would like to donate one dollar for expenses, they may.  Otherwise, if they choose to simply take one, they may do that as well.  Once all students have had the opportunity to take a CD if they choose, the instructor will alert them to the the fact that those who did choose a CD have broken copyright laws.  Discussion will then commence about copyright laws and Creative Commons.  The students' money should also be returned.

Last Day - Students will take take an online quiz about plagiarism, copyright, and Creative Commons using Google Forms.  The students will find this quiz on their wiki, the teacher will get the student results.  Online P, C, & CC Quiz


Week TwoOnline Etiquette and Cyberbullying

Day One  - Students will take take an online quiz using Google Forms.  The students will find this quiz on their wiki, the teacher will get the student results.  Online Etiquette Pre-Assessment


 Final Assessment

1. Using digital camcorders, the students will create videos of some learned digital ethics scenarios.

Some possible scenarios:

A. Two students log on to an MySpace chat room and locate another classmate also currently online.  They begin to harass the student by posting “flaming” messages to that student’s account.  Why is this wrong?

B.  A middle school student uses LimeWire to access a newly released song and download it to put onto his iPod.  Why is this wrong?

C. Two students working together on a paper about keyboarding in elementary classes discover a website on Google that is written by a leading resource on keyboarding.  The students find the information to be exactly what they need to finish their paper.  They cut and paste text directly from the website directly into their Word document.  Why is this wrong?

D. A middle school girl pays to rent a copy of High School Musical from her local McDonalds.  She decides that this is one of her favorite movies after watching it, but knows she doesn’t have the money to buy a copy.  She decides to use some software designed for copying DVDs to burn a copy for herself.  Why is this wrong?

The students will work in small groups of 4-5 away from other groups and will record at least three minutes of video.

They will then upload the video to a video editing program provided by the instructor.

2. Once edited and completed, the videos will then be upload to Voicethread. Example

3. Students will then respond individually using Voicethread about their opinions on each scenario and an overall class discussion will culminate the theme.    

 Students will be assessed on their final project by a rubric linked below.