About the Morgan Horse

The Morgan horse is an American breed recognized for its beauty, versatility, and friendly personality. Morgans compete successfully in all equestrian sports, including hunter/jumper, dressage, western pleasure, saddle seat, reining, and endurance. The breed excels in carriage driving, and Morgans are often seen in the top levels of international combined driving competition. Their sensible nature and people-oriented personality make them ideal trail horses and family companions.

Morgans typically stand between 14.2 and 15.2h and come in all colors, but are most commonly bay, chestnut, or black. They have an upright head carriage and a strong, compact body. Morgans have been bred for more than 200 years for soundness and endurance.

All Morgans trace their lineage to a single stallion called Justin Morgan, a prolific sire foaled in 1789 in New England. Figure, as he was originally known, gained notoriety for his ability to outtrot, outrun, and outpull all challengers. Today, the Morgan's influence is seen in all other American breeds, including Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds, Standardbreds and Tennessee Walking Horses.

For more information on the Morgan horse, visit the American Morgan Horse Association at www.morganhorse.com