The Characters

AstroVac, the Solar Guard central computer
    Played by: Jeff

The "Chlor," genocidal insectoid alien species
    Played by: Nick

Crew of the SGS Avalon, a Hesperides-Class Star-Cruiser


Captain: Captain Lucille Burke
    Played by: Jen

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Peter Little-Hawk 

Communications Specialist: Ensign Ferdinand Grunewald
Secondary Specialties: Electronics 


Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Klaus Schimmelman
    Played by: Matt

Propulsion Specialist: Ensign Zhanuzak Nazarbayvea

Drive Specialist: Ensign Maksim Tsvetkov
Secondary Specialties: Physics (PhD)

Power Systems Specialist: Ensign Fletcher Morris

Maintenance Specialist: Ensign Derek Lister
Secondary Specialties: Machining, Mechanical Engineering


Astrogator: Lieutenant Arthur "Art" Johnson
Secondary Specialties: Astronomy (PhD), Physics (MS)

Assistant Astrogator: Ensign Catherine "Cat" Lathaby
Secondary Specialties: Cryptology, Intelligence

Pilot: Lieutenant
    Played by: Colin


Payload (Weapons) Officer: Lieutenant Alfred (Al) Reik
Secondary Specialties: Electrical Engineering (MS), Demolitions, Weapons

Payload Deployment/Retrieval Officer (PDRO, "padro"): Lieutenant Bob Macready 

Assistant PDRO: Ensign Pamela "Pam" Crosser

Assistant PDRO: Ensign Garret Parsons
Secondary Specialties: Pilot (air-vehicles)


Consumables Officer: Lieutenant Winston "Winny" Elsby
Secondary Specialties: Geology (MS), Chef

Life Support Officer: Lieutenant Dak "Remy" Remington
Secondary Specialties: Meteorology (MS)

Medical Officer: Lieutenant Elizabeth Glass, MD 
Secondary specialties: Microbiology (PhD), Evolutionary Biology (MS)
    Played by: Elizabeth