Making Wedding Bouquets

making wedding bouquets
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making wedding bouquets - Faux Florals
Faux Florals for Your Wedding: Fifty Easy and Original Projects
Faux Florals for Your Wedding: Fifty Easy and Original Projects
Faux Florals for Your Wedding is the first craft book on the latest bridal trend: accessories and decorations with gorgeous silk flowers.
More and more couples are choosing faux florals because they're easier to craft than fresh, can be made ahead, offer more choices of flowers and colors, can be safely transported far away, won't wilt, are non-allergenic, and later are keepsakes or home decorations. Above all, faux florals have become amazingly realistic. Faux Florals for Your Wedding is the first book about turning those fabulous florals and wedding craft supplies into romantic, personalized wedding designs. The thirty projects, plus abundant variations in colors and styles, include bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, headpieces, ceremony accents, centerpieces, toasting glasses, and favors. Step-by-step, photographed instructions ensure professional results even for beginners. This complete guide includes the basics of wedding flowers and faux florals as well as a fill-in organizer. With Faux Florals for Your Wedding, the flowers will be as beautiful, original, and lasting as their love.

Fifty projects for bouquets, bridal-party accessories, flowers for the ceremony and reception.
Easy projects, no experience needed.
All other wedding floral books are about fresh flowers.

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My wedding bouquet, the day after. Since we left for our week-long honeymoon that day, I wanted to make sure I got a few pictures while it was still nice. I tried hanging it in the closet while we were gone, but it didn't really work. Oh well, worth a try.
These are our bouquets. They took a long time to make (along with the flowers for the huppah and centerpieces) but it was SOOO much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using a traditional florist.

making wedding bouquets