Developing the Visual and Performing Arts

Associated Performing and Visual Artists

Core Values
Blue Culture is dedicated to the proliferation of Trinidad and Tobago’s indigenous artforms mainly by maintaining the integrity of the artforms present in Trinidad and Tobago while creating an attitude and a lifestyle in which supporting the concept of “youth in art” is integral for the development and survival of the arts, and the strengthening of national identity.

Visionary Goals
• To be the region’s leading producer of regular concerts at prominent venues throughout Trinidad and Tobago, allowing young performers the opportunity to get acquainted with the operations behind cultural presentations.
• To be responsible for the recording and dissemination of information regarding the performing and visual arts throughout the Caribbean.

Vision Statement

To be the region’s premier performing and visual arts production company and principal arts education provider, through the use of young talent and placing emphasis on heritage and cultural development.

Mission Statement
To develop the local performing arts by encouraging contributors to fully pursue showcasing opportunities while providing the community with uplifting and entertaining content, and employing various research methods, industry standard techniques and the technology available to extract as much information from, and to utilize the expertise of experienced cultural icons and personalities.