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Blue Climate Solutions is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of conservation of the world’s oceans as a proactive and viable solution to the climate change challenge.

Blue Climate Solutions seeks to advance policy that promotes the roles coastal and ocean ecosystems play as natural carbon sinks, including the conservation of ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, mangrove swamps, and salt marshes. We also seek to promote marine science that further explore the roles natural ocean ecosystems play in mitigating the effect of climate change.

We define options for blue carbon as the conservation and restoration of coastal and marine ecosystems that restore natural carbon function.

To support:

The Ocean Foundation
serves as our fiscal sponsor, including providing 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

If you would like to support our mission, please visit our Donation Page or contact The Ocean Foundation and identify Blue Climate Solutions as the Ocean Fund you are interested in.

Staff information and contacts:

General inquiries: info {at} bluecsolutions.org

Angela Martin, Project Lead, email: angela.martin {at} bluecsolutions.org

Martin Julseth, Blue Carbon+ Project Lead, email: martin.julseth {at} bluecsolutions.org

Steven Lutz, Blue Carbon Programme Leader, GRID-Arendal, GEF Blue Forests Project Coordinator, serves as Advisor for Blue Climate Solutions.

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