NEW! Props from "TURN"

We were able to acquire a number of items at the auction of properties used in the production of the AMC program, "TURN." Most are listed below. There are also a number of LADDERBACK CHAIRS available, to be listed later Those can be purchased singly, or as sets. Priced VERY reasonably. Can be picked up near Richmond, VA or at any event we are listed to attend. (One set of 5, one set of 8). Please email us at for details about chairs or any of the items below.
Henderson Pottery Watering Jug (like those used in the Colonial Williamsburg gardens)   $25.00

Pewter Plates (all have modern hallmarks; five share the one shown below)  $15.00 each
Alloy Plates (Wilton, Armetale, etc.) in the same pattern as shown above are $5.00 each

Pewter Candlesticks   $15.00/pair

Stoneware Bottles
$20.00 each with handles; $10.00 each plain

'"Orphan" Stoneware Bottles
These poor souls were broken and glued back together. But they still have a good side to show to the world. Stick some dried flowers in one for a conversation piece! $2.00 each